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It takes money to make money

These are programs and products created by me, for you, depending on where you are in your business. They are all the programs that I wish I had when I started my business.


Stop Compromising and Make All the Money You Want

Whether you’re interested in starting a business, growing a business, re-inventing your life or simply looking for some helpful inspiration from someone who has been there, Pat Mussieux has the answers.

Stop Compromising and Make All the Money You Want! A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Starting Up and Starting Over! spells out the exact steps that Pat took, at age fifty-seven, to re-invent her life and grow her business from zero to multiple six-figures in less than four years.

In her ‘tell it like it is’ style, Pat cuts through the fluff and gets to the straight talk on what it takes to ‘get through the rain’ and create the life you deserve.

eBook $10.00 CAD Paperback $20.00 CAD


The Beauty and the Beast? (Audio Download) – $47.00 CAD

Listen to three great conversations with Pat Mussieux and Larry Winget as they talk about Personal Responsibility, Making Tough Decisions, Compromise and How You Are Settling for Less – and get your pen and paper ready as they provide solid steps to take to ‘grow a pair’ and live the life you really want

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Who Am I Now? (e-version) – $10.00 CAD

Simple steps to inventing your future after divorce, retirement, death of a spouse, empty nest, etc.

(My story of separation, divorce, starting a new life – includes samples, templates, techniques for making changes in order to live your best life!)

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Think Local Impact Global: The Proven 6-Step Formula for Generating 6-Figures in 6 Months Speaking Locally (e-version) – $197.00 CAD

A step-by-step program for service professionals to improve their public speaking skills in order to grow their business (comes complete with forms, templates, samples, etc.)

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Mindset to Millions

Mindset to Millions

For the very first time! The course that reveals not only the keys to an unshakable positive mindset, but the path to use it to live the life you want and make all the money you want!

It’s simple. Actionable. Tangible. And FUN! Step-by-step, day-by-day, this powerful system will show you the way to unparalleled success in life and business!

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