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Are you ready to EVOLVE?

STOP being the person you’ve been.
START becoming who you’re supposed to be next.

Our work together is about making the tough decisions. Working with me is the easy decision. When you take responsibility for your own evolution you’ll be free to change your business, and change your life. Don’t compromise. Find the program that’s right for you:

Baeth Davis and Mike Koenigs

Baeth Davis, Mike Koenigs, Pat Mussieux, the Green Room event

Chef Bruno

Chef Bruno Serato, Pat Mussieux, the Secret Knock

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan, Pat Mussieux, SURGE Mastermind

The MIGHTY MAVERICKS COACHING PROGRAM is designed to help entrepreneurs let go of fear and gain the courage to take action.


If you’re starting up or starting over:

  • Honor your restlessness
  • Honor your curiosity
  • Embrace your courage
  • Don’t settle
  • Make the tough decisions with the support of other Mavericks
Take Responsibility NOW!

The PAT ON DEMAND PROGRAM is very limited and is by invitation only. No Commitment, No Monthly Charge, No Minimum.


It’s a $997 annual retainer to get access to her calendar every month. Then you only pay for the calls you choose to use on demand. In other words, pay as you go.

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PRIVATE COACHING: An exclusive opportunity limited to just five people.


Private coaching is the ultimate opportunity to work with someone who’s been there and made the tough decisions. I’ll be with you every step of the way as you let go of fear and evolve into the business and life you want.

To make sure I can fully support you in your success, I work with just five exceptionally promising entrepreneurs a year in my private coaching program.

Are You One of the Five?

“As a long-time coaching client of Pat’s, I know that her brilliance is in mindset – so signing up for this Mindset to Millions program was an easy decision! What I didn’t expect were the incredible (almost seismic!) revelations about my subconscious thinking that were latently there but that I had never articulated verbally or in written form. Having these thoughts clearly documented in a journal, has allowed me (in the past several weeks) to move beyond my self-imposed boundaries around my capabilities, my value to clients, my pricing of projects and my obligation to be of service to those I don’t yet know! Investing in yourself – under the guidance of Pat’s expertise and talents – is a gift that will move you forward in your professional life – and may surprisingly move you forward in your personal life too!”

Heather Reid
Principal Planner & Owner Innovative Conferences & Communications

“My name is Miguel Sanchez, a client of Pat Mussieux. My experience working with Pat for the last year was through her coaching. Pat has helped me over come some of the mindsets that had been programmed in me as a child. I was able to see how the same patterns and habits that helped me become successful in some areas, are the same patterns creating chaos in my emotional life. Therefore, walking with a limp. When I started working with Pat, I was able to figure out and point out some of these crippling patterns and begin to work on the solution she suggested. I found myself with more time in my hands, not so overwhelmed, and the relationship I have with my daughters and employees have changed tremendously. THANK YOU PAT!!”

Miguel A. Sanchez, Miguel Sanchez Consulting
growyourbusinesswithmiguel.com | info@GrowYourBusinessWithMiguel.com | 310-519-1775

VIP DAYS: Make the easy decision to start making the tough decisions.


Begin living an exceptional life without fear – by taking this exceptional opportunity to get started. Private VIP Days are typically held in London, Ontario, but may be available in locations across the globe in accordance with my travel schedule. In our VIP intensive, we’ll create a plan for the growth of your business on a personal, professional or organizational level.

Becoming Who You’re Supposed to Be

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