Client Testimonials

“It is indeed rare to find someone who listens, learns, internalizes, puts into action and then translates and teaches the elements of success like Pat is able to do.

She is THE example of how to learn and then implement that learning. That is why she makes such a great teacher. She doesn’t just stand on top and tell you how to do it, she has been where you are and understands the process of doing it.

Listen to her!”

Larry Winget
6 time NY Times WSJ bestselling author

“Working with Pat, I have put systems in place, I have strategies and clear plans to follow, I had a big mindset breakthrough, I have confidence and my business achieved its first $500K plus year!

I highly recommend working with Pat if you are serious about growing your business, stepping up into a new mindset, making more money, and achieving your goals and dreams because Pat’s energy, experience, laser-sharp focus, straight talk and encouragement will get you there!!”

Debra Wardle
Kare 4 Kids Regina, Inc.

“And because Pat likes numbers – I can proudly say that my revenue has grown just shy of 250% from the end of 2012 (just before I laser coached with Pat) to my “known revenue” to the end of 2015.

Step up – you’ll be glad you did!”

Heather Reid
Heather E Reid
ARCT MSc Principal Planner & Owner

In my first year of working with Pat my revenue increased by 40% and I knew my numbers like I had never known them before.”

Jane E. Blaufus, CLU
Best Selling Author | Speaker | Coach

“Since joining Pat’s coaching program, I have been able to get the information out of my head and into material that I can share. I’ve also seen a 30% increase in revenue from the previous year.

Donna Eriksson
Raven Advanced Esthetics. Master Esthetician/ Business Development Mentor

“When I first made the decision to work with Pat I felt like a hot mess. For the year and a half prior I had built a successful business, but in doing so sacrificed my life. I was always feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, unorganized, and unhappy. The thought of turning this mess I had created around was daunting, and I knew I needed help.

Pat’s journey of “starting over” inspired me and I knew she was the right mentor for me as that was exactly what I needed to do – start over. After a few months of working together and making some great progress I started to see clearly the vision for both the business and life I wanted to create, but didn’t know how to get there. So during our calls we worked together to create a strategic plan to smoothly transition from where I was to this new vision.

As with any plan, not everything goes as expected, and I appreciate how Pat was there for me to guide me through those challenges and find the opportunity in the obstacles. In one full year we completed what I set out to do. I now have a business I love where I am working the hours I want (while stopping for breaks throughout the day). I  travel about one week a month with the new love of my life. I moved into a beautiful home on the water. And I now feel like all of that mental clutter that was making me feel overwhelmed, overloaded, and clogging up my brain space, has washed away. But what is most valuable to me is that I now know how to navigate transition on my own and feel like I am equipped with a serious set of “power tools” to make any future vision a reality. Thank you Pat. I love you!”

Mara Glazer
Cut The Crap Business Coach and Co-Founder of The Best Damn Team

“I am still pinching myself and I think I will be for a long time. This show did not happen without focus and especially time management. Both of which you taught me. I get choked up thinking about it, because you have no idea what those sessions meant to me. Thank you!”

Michael-Ann Rowe
Emmy Award Winning Food & Travel Journalist, “Off The Beaten Palete” Actress/Producer/Writer/Director