Mighty Mavericks

Mighty Mavericks Coaching Program

Whether you’re starting up or starting over, this 12-month program is designed to help entrepreneurs let go of fear and gain the courage to take action.

Katy Takaota: SBT Virtual

Phone: 226-270-1083
Toll-free: 1-855-519-5289
Email: info@sbtvirtual.ca
Website: sbtvirtual.ca

Connie Petriglia

Email: conniepetriglia@gmail.com
Website: confidentsuccessfulwomen.com

Sheila Alley:

Phone: 902-578-0509
Email: sheila@sheilaalley.com
Website: WomenInStyle.ca

Colleen Wietmarschen:

Phone: 513-675-1286
Email: colleen@mcolleenwietmarschen.com
Website: YourLiteraryProse.com

Monthly Curriculum Calls/Q & A Calls:

(30-60 minute calls scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of each month) These cutting edge teachings for entrepreneurs and small business owners feature topics like:

  • Why Entrepreneurs Fail
  • Networking and Public Speaking
  • Getting Past Fear
  • Time and Energy Management Skills and Techniques
  • How to Have Sales Conversations

Monthly Laser Coaching Calls:

  • Two 15-minute private, 1-1 calls with a coach

Live Intensives:

  • Experience Pat live with TWO Mavericks Group Retreats (2 days each)


  • Learn, connect and network with a higher caliber of business owners in the Mighty Mavericks Private Facebook Group.
  • Digital downloads of all calls and materials so you can refer to them, again and again.

Special Bonuses:

  • Four Guest Expert Livestream Trainings covering the topics of Messaging; Productivity and Value; On-line Products and Services; Media and PR.

SOS Call:

  • Ready for you when you need it: a powerful 15-minute SOS call with Pat for any business reason.

Complimentary Tickets:

  • Attend all of Pat’s live events for free as a Mighty Mavericks VIP.

Are you ready to lead an exceptional life without fear?