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Are you ready to EVOLVE? It’s time to start making the tough decisions for your business. Make a decision. Make a plan. Make money.

Mindset, Marketing & Money Tour

  • Toronto | September 27-28, 2017
  • Syracuse, NY | October 17-18, 2017

You’ve known for quite some time that you’re ready to experience the next big level of success in your business. You’ve done the work, put in the time and investment, and now it’s your turn to make more, work less, and gain control of your life. So many of us have compromised our lifestyle in exchange for growing our business – it’s time for that to end! Today!

How do you do that? How do you move beyond the day-to-day challenges that feel like you’re drowning? You need a Plan for getting to that next level, a strategy, as well as a successful Business Coach who’s done it and is willing to show you how, along with a roomful of ‘similar credible others’ to share this experience. People who speak the same ‘language’ and who ‘get it’ and who ‘get you’!

Where can you get access to a day and a half of training on Mindset, Marketing and Money, with a coach who has taken her business to the high six-figures in a short period of time – at a very affordable investment? Right here: